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Goodwill in Honeoye Falls: Books Bring Community Together

When a book sale is over, what are The Friends of the Library to do with the remaining books? A large portion were donated to Goodwill at our very own Honeoye Falls location, thanks to powerful 5th graders and other volunteers, as the press release below details. Some of the children’s books were donated to the Rotary Club, which shipped them to places of need in Africa. And others were donated to a teacher at the Five Points Correctional Institution in Romulus, N.Y.

Many thanks to Kristine Thompson, Storyline Public Relations and mom of a very helpful 5th grader, for getting the release below out to the press! Thanks to Kristine’s efforts, you can tune in to WHAM TV 13 6 p.m. news tonight. The station plans to run a “Goodwill in Honeoye Falls” Bright Spot at the end of the program. the “Honeoye Falls Manor School” Bright Spot ran at the end of the Channel 13 6 p.m. news on Dec. 1. Check it out! (udpated added Dec. 2)

On Saturday, Nov. 20, about 15 fifth-graders from Honeoye Falls-Lima Manor School, along with other community members, boxed up more than 1,000 unsold, used books at the end of the Mendon Public Library’s most recent book sale. They then delivered them to the new Goodwill donation center in Honeoye Falls.  The book sale helped raised funds to support the Mendon Public Library, which is scheduled to open a new building in the summer of 2011. Because of space issues, the library could not keep all the unsold, used books that were donated to the sale.

HFL fifth graders and teacher Steve Denaker helped make possible a large donation of books to Goodwill, which in turn has many programs for promoting literacy in our community.

The children became involved through the efforts of their teacher, Steven Denaker, who leads a monthly community service project for his students. This month, a mother of one of his students, Honeoye Falls resident Stephanie Heywood, came to him with an idea. She frequents the library, has children in the district and shops at Goodwill, where her children are always given a free book at check-out. This inspired her to come up with a project that connected all the dots, with books playing the starring role.

“When we heard about this service project in Honeoye Falls, we saw how it fit into our goal of recycling books back into the community,” said Shane Bertou, ABVI-Goodwill Marketing Manager. “At Goodwill, every child accompanied by an adult can receive a free book each time a purchase is made. Doing so encourages reading and brings a smile to the faces of so many children.”

ABVI-Goodwill reminds the community that book and clothing donations are needed now and throughout the year. “The holidays are a perfect time to donate,” added Bertou. “You not only receive a tax deduction when you donate, you also get the priceless feeling of knowing you are contributing something that will be of value to someone else.”

In addition to Honeoye Falls Attended Donation Center, donations to Goodwill can be taken at each of the nine stores throughout the greater Rochester area. Donations are then sorted and placed for sale in the stores. Revenues from the sales at the stores directly support ABVI-Goodwill’s extensive programs and services for the blind and visually impaired. In addition, this year, more than four million pounds have been diverted from landfills through Goodwill donations.

For more information on how and what to donate to Goodwill, please call 1-800-Goodwill (1-800-466-3945).

  1. Em Brincka
    November 30, 2010 at 11:36 am

    Mr. Denaker and all his helpful, strong 5th graders should be very proud. Monthly community service is an impressive addition to their public education. Thank you so much for helping with the wrap-up of the Friends of the Library’s book sale.

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