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$1,288 and 200 Cups of Ice Cream

Brianna Weiss (left) and Shannon Heywood enjoyed storytime, then ice cream, on the library porch on June 27.

Last night (June 27) Deric West launched the community portion of the Heart of our Town’s capital campaign with an announcement: $1,288 had been donated to the library at the registers of his Honeoye Falls and Mendon Market Place grocery stores from June 19-25.

These donations were made during the first week of a two-week promotion in which customers can donate $1, $2 or $5 to the library as they check out with their groceries. West presented a check to the Friends of the Mendon Public Library.

West also discussed other elements of the community campaign, which will run from now until October. The community campaign aims to finish funding Phase 1 (the new building) and start funding Phase 2 (the renovation of the “old” building).

  • Individual giving. West sent a letter to every household in Mendon, requesting financial support for the new library. Get a pledge form here.
  • Engraved historic bricks. Bricks that were formerly part of the Mantegna residence and furniture store’s patio (the red barn that previously stood on the site of the new library) are  being offered. The cost is $150 for the first brick and $100 for each additional brick. Download a brick order form here.

    Despite a recent trip to the book store, middle schooler Kit Rhodes said she had been "book starved" while the library was closed, and was doubly pleased to be reading and eating ice cream at the same time Monday night.

  • More opportunities to give at the register. The current program runs until Saturday, July 2. Another two-week opportunity will be offered in September.
  • A fall fund-raising gala. More details to come! 

After the presentation, 200 people enjoyed ice cream cups on the library porch in celebration of the new building!

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