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Hayes, Stottler Named Honorary Lifetime Friends of the Library; Johnson Previously Named

Ruth Hayes (left) greeted everyone she knew (which is pretty much everyone) at our most recent book sale. Sally Gilbert sold historic postcards. Click to enlarge photo!

At its Nov. 1 meeting, the Friends of Mendon Public Library named Ruth Hayes and Shari Stottler honorary lifetime members. This honor recognizes longtime and/or deep dedication to the well-being and growth of Mendon Public Library. Honorary members are entitled to full membership benefits, including entrance to “members-only” book sale hours.

Back in June, Lisa Reniff (left), Shari Stottler, Tim Heywood and Gary Stottler helped load shelves onto a big truck, which Shari then drove to the new library. Click to enlarge photo!

A longtime Friends member, Hayes has given many moving presentations about the value of Mendon Public Library to our community. She’s always willing to lend her incredibly positive attitude–and a helping hand–to library initiatives, such as Flags, Books and Bands, book sales and our Custom BrewCrafters fundraisers.

Before taking on her current role as a member of the Mendon Town Board, Stottler was president of the library board of trustees. Like Hayes, she’s always got a positive words for library volunteers and, when there’s work to be done–like making fire numbers for the library sign, she–and often her family–are sure to be on the team.

Before the fall book sale began, Charlie Johnson (in the orange vest) worked with Stephanie Heywood (on ladder) and Philip Grosjean (standing) to label planned phase 2 renovation areas of the old library. Click to enlarge photo!

Named an honorary lifetime member at the Friends’ September meeting, architect Charlie Johnson was a volunteer member of the original library site selection committee, then a member of the steering committee and most recently has given presentations about the plans and layout of the new library and proposed phase 2. His ability to explain complex building ideas in a very straightforward way have been a huge asset.

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