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Donated Table Honors Memory of Paul S. Tichenor

Mary Tichenor at the table she donated to the library in honor of her late husband, Paul.

Many people have sat at the “Tichenor table”–adults wanting to read, teens wanting to study, the library trustees, the capital campaign committee, and Jerry Lewis’s son, Gary. Made of solid mahogany, the table looks beautiful in Mendon Public Library’s main reading room, in front of the fireplace.

Look on the base of the south end of the table to see the plaque honoring Paul S. Tichenor. Click to enlarge the image.

Mary Tichenor donated the table in honor of her husband, Paul Stillwell Tichenor, who passed away in 2009. In addition to the table by the fireplace, Mary also donated the wooden table and chairs now in the children’s area.

“Paul would’ve done something for the library” at the time the new building opened, Mary says. “I could have given financially, but I was glad to give gifts that would be used by the community and be a lasting memorial to Paul.”

Paul S. Tichenor (Click photo to enlarge it.)

For many years Mary and Paul together ran Tichenor Furniture Services, which Paul started 58 years ago. The business has been at 47 N. Main St., Honeoye Falls, since 1965. After Paul’s death in 2009, Mary continued to operate the business, which restores antique furniture.

A college graduate, Paul started the company because he didn’t want to be “ivory tower,” Mary says. Over the years, Tichenor Furniture Services has had some star-studded clients, including Marilyn Monroe, the White House, the Eastman Theater, the Henry Ford Museum, and the Granger Homestead in Canandaigua.

Another client–a Kodak executive who lived in Hong Kong–hired Paul to restore a 14th century Boulle table with inlaid brass tortoise shell and brass etchings, a project that took three years. In recent times, Tichenor Furniture restored the conference table in village hall, and 42 chairs in the town of Mendon court.

Mary Tichenor sits at the table she donated for the children's are with Ann (7, in purple) and Katie (4).

The son of a cabinetmaker, Paul learned his art at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Mich., and at Wintethur in Philadelphia. Paul was known for doing the fine work of restoring metal and wood details on the furniture pieces in the shop. The room in the Tichenor Furniture building where he did this part of the restorations is still called “Paul’s Room.”

“A lot of clients miss Paul,” Mary says. “He always joked with them.”

They also liked his work. He used to say, “We do it right or we don’t do it at all,” she explains.

The library board of trustees at work at the Tichenor table in November 2011.

Paul was a member of the Mendon Town Board for nine years and the town board’s liaison to the library for four. Mary served on the steering committee for the new building, and says having the library in the four corners of the village is important to her.

In all, Mary couldn’t be more pleased to see the new library finally completed. “Good things take a while,” she says.

  1. A. Gordon
    January 31, 2012 at 6:38 am

    It’s a beautiful table, and we’re lucky to have it in our “community living room”–the Library!

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