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News Media Embrace Gary Lewis and Your Library

We are grateful to the local media who have embraced the story of Gary Lewis and the Playboys playing for the upcoming Heart Beats for Mendon benefit supporting Mendon Public Library’s building project. Here are some favorite quotes from the coverage, and links to the full stories when possible.

Many thanks to Gary and Donna Lewis and Deric West of the Honeoye Falls Market Place and Mendon Meadows Market Place for granting so many interviews–and to to Kristine Thompson, Storyline Publications, for so professionally facilitating them.

News10 NBC interview

WBEE interview with Steve Hausmann, who will be emceeing the Heart Beats event

Democrat and Chronicle

When Friends of the Mendon Public Library asked local resident Gary Lewis to have his band, Gary Lewis & the Playboys, headline an upcoming benefit, just like their 1960s hit, Gary said, “Count Me In.”

“Growing up in Los Angeles, where everything is concrete, I love the open countryside of my new home of Mendon. I wanted to also lend my talents to support the library, where adults and kids can gather, read and study in town,” said the musician and son of famed comedian Jerry Lewis, who moved to Mendon in 2006.

Messenger-Post News

It’s an oft-repeated tale: Traveling man comes to town, meets a local lady, falls in love, travels no more.

In this case, the traveling man was Gary Lewis, once a Sixties staple on the pop charts when his band Gary Lews & The Playboys hit it big with songs like “This Diamond Ring” and “Count Me In.”

“We did a show at the Eastman Theatre in 1997, and she was there,” Lewis said. “And you know, she was smiling at me from the audience, and putting her hand on her hips — and all that cute stuff. … We dated for a couple days, and I decided I didn’t want to go home.”

So he didn’t. Gary and Donna Lewis settled down on Locust Hill Drive, and then in December 2006 moved to Mendon. He’s still on the road maybe a quarter to a third of the year playing roughly 30 to 60 shows with the current incarnation of the Playboys.

Next month, he gives to his adopted community in a big way, as the band donates its time as headliner for a Mendon Public Library benefit.

“As I was getting older, I starting having this feeling of wanting to do something meaningful,” Lewis said. “I mean, my music is meaningful to people, but something with the music that would be meaningful to people.” He started doing shows for veterans, he said, and was happy to come aboard the library prooject.

“I thought it was a great thing, because education is one of the things that are so important — and all these politicians want to cut education when they try to cut things.”

The Mendon – Honeoye Falls – Lima Sentinel (Jan. 26, 2012)

“Alison DeMarco first contacted me about the possibility,” said Lewis in an interview in the library a couple of weeks ago. “I didn’t even have to think about it. This is something I wanted to do. It’s a good thing for the community. I believe education is a number one priority and is needed in this world. Politicians always say education is important and yet funding for it and libraries are one of the first things they look to cut. Doing this concert to help out the library is a small thing I can do to help.”

“Oldies stations are all over the place,” Lewis said. “The music is good with lyrics you can undersand. I am glad to do this event and hope the community comes out. Everyone who does will have a great tiem and will be doing something good for the community.”

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